Welcome to the show, I hope you enjoy the ride and my random bits and pieces which are all part of my chaotic life I don't want to miss a single one of it. //Nora

About Knitropology

Knitropology is a term I created myself. Its a combination of knitting and anthropology. It also includes different sorts of needlework like crochet or spinning.

To bring all this different techniques of fiber art into a single name would not be possible so this is a shortcut with a hopefully catchy sound. Antropology deals with people and their culture and so do I when I'm in the field doing research or checking a pile of knitting books.

My current research area is Alaska and the wool of choice is Qiviut, the most fluffy fiber you can imagine from the musk ox. The wool gets used by all kind of people but mostly articles published in this category will deal with Inuit related topics.