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Nick&Nora’s creamy coconut noodles

Nick&Nora’s creamy coconut noodles

We made this dish as part of the Vegan dinner hopping event in Graz in autumn 2016.


ingredients for 6 people


6 bundles of soba noodle (japanese buckwheat noodles)



3 pieces of pak choi

3 big carrots



1 bundle of scallions (5-6 pieces)

1 bundle of fresh cilantro

1 cup of coconutflakes



3 cloves of garlic

1 big junk of ginger (2 thumbs thick)

1 tablespoon of tom yam paste

salt and chilliflakes



250ml of coconutmilk

juice of ½ lime


Mince your garlic and ginger. Cut the carrots in thin slices as well as the stemps of the pak choi.

Slice the scallions and cilantro they’ll be used as topping later

Cut the pak choi leaves into big chunks. You can add them raw to make a little nest as a base for your noodle dish or add them last minute to your sauce to slightly heat them through. We used them raw to have some crunchy textures in contrast to the creamy sauce.

Toast the coconut flakes in a dry frying pan to enhance the flavour and also give them some color. Take care they easily burn when you leave them pan, even though you turned off the heat so best move them to a plate to cool down

Cook noodles according to instructions on packaging and rinse them with cold water to prevent overcooking and sticky noodles

Heat up  a big frying pan (it should be big enough to hold the whole amount of noodles and veggies later) add sesame or vegetable oil and fry the minced garlic and ginger. Add the cutted pakchoi stemps and carrot slices and fry them for a few minutes. Deglaze with coconut milk and add the tom yam paste and lime juice. Stir and season to taste with chilli and salt till the consistence of the sauce is nice and creamy.

Add your noodles and mix through. Don’t overstir otherwise everything might end up a bit sticky.

If its too thick you can add a tiny bit of water from the tap. Iusually I rinse the package of the coconutmilk with some water to get the even the last drops so I tend to have a small amount of extra water anyway. You can also use some saved water from the noodles. It contains some starch and is therefore perfect for a saucy consistence.

Pile up your pasta on your nest of pak choi and add your toppings (scallions & cilantro) and the toasted coconut flakes. We used water cress flowers for decoration and another slice of lime in case someone want some extra lime juice.

Feel free to add more veggies or enhance the flavour with fresh lime leaves or lemongrass.

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