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PODCAST: Art Talk with Jayem Wolf // Tea Punk musician

PODCAST: Art Talk with Jayem Wolf // Tea Punk musician

Jayem Wolf is an artist I follow for a while and I love her music. So I was really pleased when she agreed to do a super spontaneous interview with me, I mean this literally cause we had the interview 10 minutes after I had asked her in first place. So pardon our spontaneous and rustic set up. I used a new podcast program for the first time so it's all not perfect.



BUT this is one of the essential messages from my talk with Jayem. Things don't have to be perfect. Celebrate being un-perfect. Don't be upset or to anxious to start but keep going.

So we talked about

  • Jayems way from a toddler with a recorder to a bass player releasing her new album and doing a tour for charity
  • Why being un-perfect matters
  • How to find your "pack and howl for them"

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Since there were some technical hickups with the player last time - you can also check this episode on Soundcloud (and itunes will follow soon-ish)



Check out Jayem on:

("Part of my Soul" Cover - Artwork by Natasha Artworx )


Since Tea Punk is best served with an actual cup of tea I also would like to mention a great person with a lovely tea shop here. So please check out Donna's "Unravel Tea" for some "Mermaid Magic"


  • T-Song by Jayem Wolf
  • TinyhouseTravelGirl Intro by Shiranne of "Not Twins"
  • Interview/Record/Postproduction "TinyhouseTravelgirl"

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