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PODCAST: Running for caffein on less waste //Coffeetable Talk

PODCAST: Running for caffein on less waste //Coffeetable Talk


The idea to write about most peoples favourite mug of the day was a call from the Zero Waste Bloggers Network. They were looking for experiences all around the globe how to reduce the trash that often comes with this brewed beanery drink.

Writing turned out a bit tricky for me right now so I turned this topic into a coffee table talk of my Podcast. So I recorded some of my thoughts for you, enjoyable while you make yourself a nice cup of coffee.

it's all about:

  • -avoiding disposable cups
  • -the perfect to go cup
  • -coffee at work, on the go and at home
  • -fairtrade beans in plastic wrapping
  • -trial and errors on roadtrips and making oatmilk


If you feel like joining me for some tinyhouse and/or travel talk, let me know and be welcome in my tiny house.  Critique and Feedback is most welcome. I'm but a beginner and would love to thrive from your listening experiences.


The Intro and Outro music is by the wonderful Shiranne of Not Twins. If you enjoyed this short pieces she composed for this podcast I highly recommend to hop over to bandcamp and listen to her bands full album "The View from Down Here"


Show notes aka lovely folk I mentioned all along

Brilliant photographer from Vienna Cliff aka PIXELCOMA . He is also the host of PIXELPOWER a great annual event for people ind in photography including inspiring speeches as well as workshops from high class photographers.

 das Gramm is currenlty working on their new store which will also be plastic free and full of unpacked goods but on a slightly bigger scale.

Jenny Mustard is a brilliant vegan chef and I used her recipe as brief inspiration for making my oatmilk. She and her partner also run a Podcast which is charming and delightful and their videos on youtube are beautifully shot and narrated.

Another podcast recommendation are the lovely ladies from Frickelcast always busy creating something beautiful may it be knitted, sewn or handmade in general. They are also really fun to listen to, and just returned from Scotland so I'm super curious  and can't wait to listen to their new episode about their expieriences at the Yarn Fest in Edinbourgh .

My Recipe for fancy hipster coffee: Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte

You can also just click below to listen and/or download and I'm working on putting it up on itunes right now - so it will also be available there shortly

PODCAST: Art Talk with Sawyer Cloud

PODCAST: Art Talk with Sawyer Cloud

Hang'in there // A slothy selfcare challenge

Hang'in there // A slothy selfcare challenge