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Hang'in there // A slothy selfcare challenge

Hang'in there // A slothy selfcare challenge

Take better care daily about your own (mental) health - a 30 day challenge including free sheet below

Around a year ago I connceted with a bunch of wonderful and diverse people and am lucky that some of them became friends meanwhile. I'm talking about the community of sloths that started as a fanbase of Amanda Fucking Palmer but became more that but a bunch of fanpeople. I actually sometimes struggle with some of AFP's latest posts but still feel connected to her music and especially to this community.

We are a wonderful and diverse crowd who share quite some interests but also  disagree from time to time. We are humans after all. We all sometimes struggle but try to support each other through our not so rosy days. Next to the big fangroups there are smaller subgroups on Facebook. The one I'm referring to right now was founded by the gorgeous Mia the Mortal and all about selfcare.

Taking care of YOURSELF? Yeah I sorta heard about this but nyah thats such a struggle, let's but focus on other people who are dear to your heart and who appreciate and love you for taking care of them which makes you feel good in return, right? We'll partly. I think its still one of my common behaviours to focus on other people when I should but really focus on myself. I'm often left drained in the end and become ungrateful when the other people don't seem to "appreciate my completly selfless actions". This has, let's be honest, often hardly to do with the behaviour people showed me in return of my caring actions but my expectations and my try to contribute to other peoples well being to avoid focussing on my own shite.


I could add a lot of enlighted quotes here to show the mindfulness of taking care about yourself but especially around new year, all this resolutions and inspirational lines feel a bit shallow for me. So I'll go on with the story that led the selfcare sheet you can find below.

Someone had posted the 30day  selfcare challenge sheet by Want for Wellness in early autumn last year and it became some sort of a group thing for me and several others. We took the little tasks to heart for a month and tried to follow the daily inspirations. Since its not a competition but a challenge to be kinder to yourself, you cant really loose even though you might not achieve every single task. Some ideas were just not my kind of tea and I swapped it for different goals.

After the month was over we decided we would like to continue doing challenges like this but some alterations might be nice, to keep things interesting but also to customize the challenge more to the needs of our group. The tasks should be easy to achieve withouch big financial troubles or add an extra burden on someones shoulder. So I asked for inspiration and got great ideas. I'm no native speaker so I was also damn grateful about the help I recieved about formulating the tasks in a hopefully respectful way to make it as inclusive as possible on several levels.

So this is nothing I came up on my own and I dont want to falsely take all the credit. My base was the 30 day challenge by Want for Wellness and I altered it with the help of fellow "sloths". I asked for some fitting sloth art and Sarah Bates was so great and helped out with her cute design which fits perfectly to the "hangin there spirit".

The challenge sheet has been shared in our "hangin there group" on Facebook before but now got a touch up featuring Sarahs design. I'm posting it here to make it easier to find and also enable it to your dear friends who might not be on Facebook at all. Yes such people exist and they are often excluded from wonderful content. So if you feel like someone might enjoy this 30day task - feel free to pass it along.


There will be two versions available. The first one features Sarahs lovely art and is therefore obviously more eyecandy and fun to watch on mobile devices or your computer. I can also highly recommend to check Sarahs gallery. Her Llamas in Pajamas are always a great selftreat for me.


If you are a grandma like me who likes to print things and pin them on your fridge or over your writing desk to not screw up and forget about this list. There is a more minimalistic version for you, which is not as colorful but easier to print.


It might be obvious but this are but suggestions and you are free to alter this template according to your needs and mix and match the challenges. If you have ideas for improvement or suggestions - please share them with me/us cause its hella helpful to include feedback in future sheets.


All the best


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