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BLOGGERVILLAGE // 3 Things that spark joy

BLOGGERVILLAGE // 3 Things that spark joy

I am a spaceman flying high
I am the astronaut in the sky
Don't worry, I'm ok now
I am the light in the dark
I am the march
I am the spark
Don't worry, I'm ok now

(Amy MacDonald, Spark)


Bloggervillage is a cooperation of different content creators in Graz with a monthly theme we all contribute to. The current theme is "Feuerwerk/ fire works" and so I thought about all the sparks and after reading Marie Kondos book "Spark Joy" it was clear that I want to share with you 3 things that lift my spirits and maybe work for you as well.


1 // Turn up the volume and shake it out

Music was my first love and it will be my last and I totally agree with John Miles at this point and also with Florence when she adds, that you can't dance with a devil on your back, so shake it off. I listen to different genres from black metal to musicals but when my mood is down its most often cheesy 70s/80s rock. Perfect to dance in sweatpants at home and everybody knows the lyrics, so even if you start partying more in public, the chances are pretty good that some people join in singing "Don't stop believing" and no one can resist "Bohemian rhapsody"

3 more modern contributions to my cheer up playlist are Florence and the Machine, Amy MacDonald and Sia. I'm not into pop but hell I love those gals and their lyrics.


2 // a happy tummy without shopping

"Maybe you are hungry, not grumpy" but how can you munch and don't shop at the same time? So my mum and I made a pact 3 weeks ago and if you would post this idea on social media it would most likely be a "30day NO SHOP CHALLENGE". Im not into such challenges and also its not about complete abstinence since a healthy diet is important to keep your engines running and the spirits up. So no mac-n-cheese on a daily base.

Our idea was to use stuff from the pantry and freezer first before stocking up with new groceries and kinda forget about the already bought ones. So we came up with this guidelines: Don't go shopping for food unless its fresh produce like veggies or fruit and if you have to stock up with basics like rice or vinegar, no plastic is allowed. For me this was not as tricky as it may sound, since I found plenty of stuff but had to use my creativity and come up with new recipes.

It also resulted in much less trash - its not completly zero waste since some stuff I have at home is still wrapped in plastic but my lazy self is super happy to basically only take care about some compost and a tiny bag of plastic, getting smaller and smaller. I also had less food gone bad, I'm not talking about "best before dates" but eating up slightly wrinkled apples or use them for cooking instead for buying a fresh sort of different fruit out of an instant impulse. Food is valuable for me so I m good with eating up "not so fresh but still good stuff" but sometimes the heart craves something different and Im not always the good girl.

I'm also working on dealing with my cravings and since a lot of trash food is packed in plastic, this might be actually good to loose some pounds. So I want to share a recipe with you out of my "left over pantry kitchen" and spare you the healthy clean diet talk.

RECIPE: Japanese inspired "Adzuki Bean and Pumpkin Soup"

It turned out super nicely and is perfect for a rainy day and for meal prepping. Since I dont like to eat the same dish for 3 days but always end up cooking to much food, I made my own ready-meals and put them in the freezer.


3 // get rid off UFOs

Not talking about external life or your favourite scifi show but about a term that is common in the knitter and handicraft jargon. Creative minds want to be unique but often we face similar problems like UFOs, UnFinished Objects, lying in the corner or all over the place, peeking on us with this guilty stare.

I have plenty of them and yes I'm not proud of it and its unfortunately not only limited to handicraft projects but goes on with books and photo projects and this and that workload. Certainly not all are material objects but they still take up some space in your mind and also often in your appartment as well. Since my tinyhouse is so super small it drives me mad so see "unfinished stuff" wherever I look, and hiding it in dark boxes might work for a while but still declutters your space on different levels. So I try to work on handling my UFOs and give myself some structure and joy through "getting shit done"

My longterm project, the scarf from doctor who, felt like it would never end but luckily I finished it before spring has fully arrived. And hell its so nice and fluffy and it accidently matches perfectly to my thinner coat, so I love to wear it almost all the time...it also matches to my pjs ;)

I see where its not perfect but it's in most cases not about perfection but progress. This is also true for so many other parts in your life. So I try to pair a more fun and creative project with a less loved one and reward myself with the counterpart when I'm done with a sheduled workload.

Im working on my masterthesis and I cant tell you without cursing a damn lot how much I hate transcribing interviews, but I try to set up little goals like "5 more minutes" and then you can knit a bit or take a walk to one of this free bookshelves into to see if there is something nice, get some fresh and and also get rid of this pile of books you don't read anymore. I also try to make my rewards visible so they keep me motivated for the future. I have for example a masin jar full of the threads of the yarn projects I finished this year or arranged my tea kettle more nicely and take the "good tea cup" when I make my 5-o-clock tea-break with some little biscuits on the side on a nice plate instead of eating them straight from the package. (I might otherwise also eat far more sweets so win-win for style and prevention of over-eating)

Sometimes it works better than others and even though I fail more than I would prefer I at least figure out which conditions make me work better and how I can clear up my mental and real space to get a better environment to not just work but also enjoy.

so long and thanks for all the fish

// Nora


Recipe: Homemade Pumpkin Spice Syrup from scratch // Hipsteralert "Vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte"

Recipe: Homemade Pumpkin Spice Syrup from scratch // Hipsteralert "Vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte"

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