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Online Dating - Modern Freakshows? // weird messages I got // Why girls dont reply

Online Dating - Modern Freakshows? // weird messages I got // Why girls dont reply

Online dating.  Several people use it but it still feels kind of unnatural and so you dont really talk about it. I tried some of this dating sites and plenty of them doesn't work for me.
There is this one page which seemed to be quite nice - lots of artistic people and traveller there. So I created a profile, added some data and waited for response. And hell there was response but not the one I expected or I would appreciate.

At the bottom of this sites profile you could a "you should message me if" section and I uploaded all this messages who gave me goosebumps not to name and shame the authors but to show that there is a reason why women might not reply or also dont show their full face in their profile pic. I think guys might also not reply but I can only speak out of my perspective as a woman.


So here we go:

should message me if

If you have more to say than:


minimalism is nice but combined with an empty profile and no other comment its not the best way to get my attention.

"Hey MILF what are you doing?"

true story and after a question what the hell is going on, his answer was that "I'm just lacking sense of humor"

"Hey cutie panda"

seriously? O.o

"Hey you are cute, may I ask you this one question about dicks?"

true, true, true

"What would you choose, 50 duck sized horses or one horse sized duck?....(to distinguish the "interesting from the boring girls"...followed by)...I have to ask, did you ever got bullied for beimg a ginger?

Thanks for your concern but you should look for another ginger with a duckface

"Hey do you have more photos and whatsapp?" 

I know the photo I use is showing nothing at all and I understand some curiousity...but there is a reason for the use of a slightly anonymous photo here so please dont start with a phrase like this. WhatsApp is a nice thing but it requires a persons real cell phone number which is a damn private thing and also not a good starter ;)

"Nice tattoos, what is the meaning behind?"

I'm glad you like the ink under my skin but its nothing that special. Just ink on skin and my life is not centered around it :)

"Will you marry me?(...)Things happen. .. and life too short and I would like to be your husband(...)What's the worst thing that can happen. It's better than stay alone forever"

I don't think so you could be married to a weirdo who doesn't know about boundaries...okay now Im getting mean but seriously thats a question for your long-term girlfriend not a stranger on the internet

"You didnt mention "hey wanna fuck?" on your profile at the section where you said what people shoulnt message you wit
So:Hey wanna fuck?"

I'm sure thats the way to make a girl fall in love with you ;)

"Hey. What's up? What about casual sex?"

(sent from a person on the other side of the globe) there is a "looking for"section where you can look such things up and Im sure there is no mention in my profile like that.

"Do you wanna try?"

(refering to the taste of something hidden in his pants - at least I hope it was still hidden and not popped out) No thanks a lot but I'm a grown up girl don't believe in Santa anymore or that your dick tastes like icecream. But what a tasty start for a conversation.

"I can't see your fac.I want to see your beautiful face... what is ur name ... show ur face let me see you I might want to marry you ..."
I'm so glad my face will be the one reason why a total stranger would stick a ring on my finger.

"Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?"
Seriously? Thought this might be a joke but after checking his profile and saw him wrapped in some pink latex something...I decided that I dont want any further details.


That was the top of the iceberg.

I know there are a lot of gorgeus people out there but there are also the ones writing you this kind of messages. And they make at least me skip such platforms from time to time and take nothing seriously. Some guys wrote to me that they are ashamed and sorry because there are weirdos like this out there. Its not your fault guys so you don't have to be sorry but you are the ones who have to pay the bill. At least in my case and I dont know how other women handle this but so I often tend not to reply to messages and return to my crazy-catlady-life because if fulfills me more than getting all this weird shit. It seems mostly funny in retrospective but I had far to much What-the-fuck-moments.

So it can have plenty of reasons why you dont get an answer on a dating platform but not all of them must have to do with you as a person. So dont be hurt and stay polite and kind guys'n'girls. so it's much more fun for all of us. So dont make this platforms a freakshow - we have several shows on netflix to get chilled - but a nice place to get to know each other. Get happy with whatever and whoever flows your goat in a consentional way:)




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