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Everyday treasures // An old man and his flower

Everyday treasures // An old man and his flower

...keeps your sorrows away.


I was never really a flower girl because I tend to pity dead flowers rotting in a vase on my table so easily. A good friend of mine, whos now married to his wife for 40 years I think sends her flowers everyday - in a digital form. That's such a lovely idea of using modern technologies to keep up the romance and also take care of your budget and environment.


I usually tend to just take pictures of the blossoms I see all around me. I live next to a cementery which is now super springy and alive. I even thought of making a little picknick over there but maybe this would go a bit too far. So when I was on my way home, listening to metal music, I took some shots of a nice flower next to a rusty fence on a grave. I felt that an old man watched me and became quite unsecure especially when he spoke up to me.

"Did you photograph a flower?"


Damn what had I done wrong I tried to be respectful, I did not climb on a grave so whats going on. My answer was a quite shy. He came over and pulled one of this old-people-shopping-helpers behind him. "May I show you something? There is a special flower here on another grave and you might enjoy it as well." He lead me over to a grave in the corner of the yard and showed this lovely purple flower to me.



He even allowed me to step on the grave. "Its okay dear, we have spring so I also have to step on the grave to get rid of the tangles." The flower was on a grave he felt responsible for because his neighbour is too old and fragile to take care of her husbands grave herself. This old man was at least 80 himself. He offered to hold the blossom for me so that I can make a nice shot of the blossom. And I did but it is only so perfect because of this wittered old hands in it reminding me of this moment.

Such moments enrich my life, they sometimes show me how caught I still am in my own prejudices when my first reaction is that I must had done something wrong when an old man speaks up to me. I could not be more wrong. Thank youagain Sir for this precious meeting and also our lively conversations when we walked next to each other. And again don't feel sorry because you "disturbed" me, you made my day with your open mind and caring attitude.





Little Projects // Cloth exchange party Graz //Fairfashion and Sustainability

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