My name is Nora and I'm into creative and cultural consulting. Neither detective, nor criminal consulting as you might see it in BBC's Sherlock series - my focus is creativity.

I'm and media and cultural anthropologist. I take photos. I write. I cook. I knit, crochet and also have a spinning wheel. I like to connect different fields with each other and share my knowledge with other people. So if you are looking for a crazy redhead enriching your project, send me a message and tell me more about it :)

After spending a couple of months in Alaska last year I'm right now back to my old hometown Graz (Austria) and live in a tinyhouse. So I was somehow forced to downsize a lot but at the same time came in contact with the concept of minimalism. It's still often a little tricky to combine it with my chaotic artsy lifestyle but I do my best to keep everything nice and in order to be able to be as productive as possible and not disturbed by stuff. I

If you want to support me and my art -> check out my Patreon page "Nora Wintertagtraum".


My Story

I was born in Germany and came to Austria when I was 16. I got my first proper camera as a christmas-birthday gift from my mum and so she is most like the responsible not only of my existence as human but also as photographer. I started to explore the world through my studies. I became a cultural anthropologist and portrait the world and its people around me.


I have a fable for the cold or you could say a nordic heart and mostly travel to cold areas. I lived in Finland for half a year and am currently planning to stay in Alaska for several months.